Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Test. Part 1

"You two are definitely gonna get the best couple award!" exclaimed Nazia, "God, I can't wait for prom!"
Nazia was my best friend, she felt she knew the outcome of every couples relationship; she called herself "Nazia the sexy psych".

"Naz is right" said Atiyah "You two are one unique couple, there's this maturity in you guys, and the way you both treat each other and everyone around, its just so different." I smiled, yet deep down inside I didn't want to talk about any of this.
My best friend stared at my face, as if searching for something "You know Zar, you're very lucky to have him, every girl envy's you, and and I'm not talking about his good looks, or his witty sense of humor, I'm talking about his character.He has so much respect for everyone, especially women.".At that point I felt like jumping up from my seat and screaming at her.I didn't want to know how lucky I was, not today at least.Never in fact.
Nazia noticed the tenseness on my face and asked "Whats wrong?" I looked away "Nothing"
"You've been acting really weird for the past few days, whats wrong hun." she said softly,her hand on my arm.
I couldn't tell them, the words were refusing to leave my tongue to the attentive ears of my friends.

I quickly looked over at the hallway clock, "We have ten minutes till lunch ends, lets go pray"


"Nice scarf!!" a voice beamed behind me as I put my books away in my locker. I turned around to find Umar standing there staring at my hijab with a huge smile across his face. Oh that face! I thought. The sight of that face that gave me butterflies in my stomach, and that smile that made me weak in the knees.
"Thanks" I smiled.
"The person who gave you the scarf must be really nice" he said slyly
I rolled my eyes as I closed my locker "Yes, you're very nice! Happy?"
He flashed me a big smile, showing his perfect white teeth.
"So how was your trip?" I asked as I put on my backpack.
"It was sick! Those cars, the Lamborghini, the Porsche Panamera...ahhh" he sighed.
"Nice" I said softly.
"Aww you missed me eh, especially in English?" he laughed
"Pssht, not even" I said jokingly. We walked through the empty school hallways, and I reminded myself that I was not to joke, I had to be serious.
We stepped out through the back school door out into the empty green field. The cold wind slapped my face.
"Aaahhhh!!!! Its cold!!" I shrieked. "And oh my gosh!!! Naz has my sweater!"
He rolled his eyes,"God, its not that cold! Here, have my hoodie" he said, as he removed his black Nike hoodie.
"NO!! Its cold, and you get sick so quickly" I wailed
He ignored my protests and handed the hoodie to me.I put on his over sized hoodie which smelled just like him, that sort of an exotic smell I failed to describe.
We walked in silence in the field, I looked up at the sky which was covered with gray clouds ready to burst with rain.
I looked over at him, he was wearing a loose black long sleeve shirt with gray sweat pants, and of course his black topi. His deep brown eyes staring intently into thin air, deep in thought.His broad shoulders,chiseled jaw...he really was handsome I thought. Astaghfirullah I quickly said to myself in my head.
We walked a little bit more...in silence. But silence with him was never awkward.
" I have something for you" I said as we sat down on the bleachers
"Another tight shirt?" he laughed
I laughed with him.
On our fifth monthiversary I gave him a shirt that was so tight on him that he said it would be tight enough to make me look haraam( if I had to wear it).I don't know what I was thinking when I bought that shirt!
"No!" I replied and handed him a card in a yellow envelope.
He opened the envelope and took the card out. He was about to read out loud, but I told him not to, "Fine!" he said annoyed.

Dear, Umar.

Where do I start? I'll just get straight to the point...Thank you. You have given me so much in these 3 years, you have helped me find myself, made me laugh like there was no tomorrow, said the sweetest things that have actually made me cry, most of all u have helped me befriend Islam. I have truly found myself, where i belong. You made me a better person, you helped perfect my hijab, my salaah, my character, you helped me avoid listening to music, helped me avoid gossip, and the list goes on.
You did this by being an example of a follower of all of the above, and i was inspired.
And the most amazing part is that you did all this without pressuring me or being an overprotective guy.I don't know if I even make sense, but since you know me inside -out, I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. I have built this great love and passion for Islam, its inexplicable, and its all because of you.I'll never be able to repay this great gift.
Thank you.Jazakallah.


He looked up at me " Well. That was quite unexpected."he said softly "Youre too sweet. If it was halaal, I would hug you" he said, looking intently into my eyes.
I sat there motionlesss, not knowing what to say. Come on Zahra, do it! Just say it, remember its a test.
My heart was pounding, my throat tightened, I felt cold all over my body. I felt like I could hear my heartbeat.
Ok here I go.

to be continued...


  1. .....where's the REST?!

    lol Amazing story so far mashAllah, I'm waiting for the rest!!!!!

  2. this is by far the bestest halal story ever :P
    great job ! cant wait to read the nexxt part :)

  3. Hey omgosh u were right i cuddnt stop reading!
    wheres the rest already! :D

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